Why yet another website, casualconversations.in?

The answer to the question makes up one of the facets about me, just another of trillions of earthlings. Writing has been a long time interest. I've been fascinated with the world of words for as long as I remember. The first story that I wrote and got published was when I was in the eighth grade. It was published in a magazine (now defunct) called Children’s World. This was way back in 1975. I got a cheque for a princely sum of ₹20/- for it. Since it was a cheque, my dad very indulgently took me to a bank near our house and helped me open my first bank account.

Once the bug bites you, then you are hooked. I wrote for many magazines mainly Champak, Women’s Era, Caravan and Wisdom. Some of these would be out of circulation now, I guess. The idea then was to write something that could be published by the biggies. It did not matter what - articles, quizzes, puzzles, but mainly stories. Earning some pocket money along with the recognition as a writer was a kicker.

In college, it was more writing for college poster magazines, radio shows, plays, etc. Having read so many Enid Blytons, I tried to write one novel in her style; then having read so many James Hadley Chases, I tried writing one in that style too. The last major story that I wrote was published in Debonair in May 1988. After that rest of life took over and writing completely stopped.

I found myself in the thick of writing again as Psychology crept into my life in 2011 while doing a course and later when teaching the subject. Have had some pieces all over the place in the last few years. Creating this website is to consolidate the pieces and have one locker kind of thing to put all the writings so that they are easily accessible, and shareable, for whatever they're worth.

Much of the writing here would be of a casual nature. Nothing very serious - not really trying to provoke thought / anything / anybody. Some random thoughts on life as it flits by, some book/movie/food reviews; pieces on English usage, words, and so on. Will also post some videos, audios as we go along. Would also add free resources for English learners, Psychology students/teachers, trainers.

You are free to use all the stuff (unless otherwise specified) in this website under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).