Are households different where men run the kitchen?

This has nothing to do with gender stereotypes. But it is more common in our country that the woman is in charge of running the kitchen. In most households, as soon as they get up, women enter the kitchen to prepare the breakfast, lunch, lunch-box for those going out, etc. Some have no issues with that, in fact, they relish that. But some women resent doing kitchen work early in the morning. Either because they are unappreciated or because they feel their work is of low value, they don’t enjoy the work they do. Their mood percolates down the family and once in a while, all family members get it from them. Nothing wrong with that as no one likes to do work which they don’t enjoy. But this post is not about them but about men who run the kitchen in the family.

I know of quite a few households where the men run the kitchen. They are the ones to get up and enter the kitchen first preparing the breakfast, lunch-box, etc. They will do everything that is needed to make the meals, sometimes with some help from the spouse of other family members. Some of the men may leave the winding up (cleaning) to others in the house. They make the coffee/tea too for everyone. The burden of running the kitchen every day is theirs. They are not house-husbands either. They go for a regular job or run their own business. The women of the house may be working too or a homemaker. The men, in this case, enter the kitchen not because their spouse is ill or not capable or anything of that sort. They enter the kitchen because they like to because they revel in the cooking process.
Since the gender stereotypes are broken in such households, what effect does it have on members of the family? How do such children grow up? Do the sons in such family have a tendency to enter the kitchen too? I really don’t know the answer to those questions. But I wonder a tad, controversially though, if such households are more peaceful?

Monday, July 1, 2019 By Sreedhar Mandyam

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