One-two sentences recipes Mirchi ka Saalan

Many cities are known for their local delicacies. One of the delicacies Hyderabad is known for is Mirchi Ka Saalan. You will rarely find it on any menu in Hotels outside Hyderabad. Those of us who eat in restaurants are used to the onion/tomato/cashew/palak gravy. Almost nothing outside it. Any dish you order will have one of these gravies.
Mirchi Ka Saalan speciality lies in its creamy gravy based on roasted peanuts. Although generally, we use the big chillies (Bajji Chillies), it can also be prepared with fried Capsicum or Brinjal. This gravy is the finger-licking kind. You would hate to leave a drop on the plate.

Grind to a fine paste (125 gms roasted and dehusked peanuts, 1 tbsp sesame seeds, 1 tbsp poppy seeds, I tsp jeera, 1 tsp dhania, 3 red chillies, 4 cloves garlic and 1 inch ginger) and add it to fried mustard and onions, follow it up with some water, tamarind extract, salt, pinch of turmeric and then finally add the fried vegetable of your choice (Bajji chillies/capsicum/brinjal) in it.

Monday, September 9, 2019 By Sreedhar Mandyam

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