The many ways we Indians say, “I love you” without actually saying it

Most psychology books are written by Western authors and these authors only look at the Western culture and assume the rest of the world is the same too. When we...

Posted on Sep 14, 2019

Harmony in relationships - Relationships and scorecards

“I have given you four gifts on all your last four birthdays, but I got on only two of my birthdays”
“I am the one always calling you. You never...

Posted on May 4, 2019

People I know - Mountain Climbers, Vanitha Jayaram and Julie Andrew

Vanitha Jayram
Vanitha went on to do her B Pharma after her 12th Grade. She enrolled in the course offered by Bangalore University. As she came to the last year,...

Posted on Mar 22, 2019

Harmony in relationships - Dependent, Independent or Interdependent?

As children, we are dependent on the adults around us for almost everything. Slowly as the child grows up, the sense of wanting to be independent takes root. The grown-up...

Posted on Mar 22, 2019

Harmony in Relationships - Being friends or friendly with our children?

Parents’ speak:
“My daughter and I are best friends. She shares everything with me”
“I want to be the best friend to my son”
“My son/daughter comes and tells me...

Posted on Mar 18, 2019

Harmony in relationships - Protecting people we love all the time or teaching them to protect themselves?

“I don’t want to take cash, can you transfer the money online to my account?” I asked a friend recently.
“I will ask my dad to do it,” she replied....

Posted on Dec 23, 2018

The Shrinking Indian family

This photo is two years old, taken at the wedding of my niece. Recently came across it and realized that the big fat Indian family is on its way out....

Posted on Dec 13, 2018

Harmony in Relationships - Refraining from being solution oriented ALL the time.

First scenario: The child comes back home from school and says, “You know what happened today? My friend Rahul stopped talking to me.” The Parent instantly responds, “Good for you....

Posted on Dec 13, 2018

Harmony in Relationships - Giving up the need to be right

A wise man once said, “Avoid arguments if possible, especially if impossible”. Arguments are no doubt a part of every relationship and sometimes it could be the spice in the...

Posted on Dec 7, 2018

My first school friend

It was the year 1967, maybe late June or early July with the searing summer of Hyderabad just receding. My first day in School, a completely alien atmosphere. The thought...

Posted on Dec 5, 2018

Should decisions in family be democratic or should everyone getting their chance?

Eight of the members of my family had gathered together. People across three generations. We needed to decide where to go for dinner and what kind of cuisine we were...

Posted on Oct 12, 2018

The on going tug-of-war between two sisters

Should she rather stay in than bail out of the situation?

When one of them met me, I asked her if she could give a break to the relationship for...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

Don't mistake the PART for the WHOLE – Lesson on the Riveredge

I must have been around nine-ten years when we were traveling from Bangalore to Mysore. My grandfather was with me. We stopped on the Cauvery River Bridge in Srirangapatna and...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

The Apostrophe Connections in our life (In India)

Recently I ran into my friend who had come down from the USA where he stayed with his wife and two kids. Catching up with him over a cup of...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

Being Nonjudgmental – The 40-60-80 Principle

We were headed on the Bengaluru – Hassan highway in my cousin's car. The weather was glorious, the road smooth and the conversation light-hearted. My cousin who is about to...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

Managing expectations - The seventh Auto principle

Resilience is defined as the ability to bounce back from adversity. It is the trait of not giving up. It is the old “Try, try, try again until you succeed”...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

Don't expect people to work hard for your quirky needs

A relationship would always mean a compromise. The moment we have a relationship and live with someone, (parents, spouses, sibling, friends, flatmates etc), it means giving up a part of...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

There are too many people inside me!

There are too many little people inside me who are struggling to get out. It is not just me, but these little people are inside all of us!

When I...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

A Great Way to Handle Temptations – Physical Barriers

Temptations need not always be resisted. There is a great pleasure in yielding to temptations and we don't always have to feel guilty about it. What is life without pleasures?...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

A method to stop mental chatter

Words flow endlessly in our head and at times it can become disturbing. Our conversations in the mind are either with ourselves or with someone we know. The conversations can...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018